Curriculum Focus

Our Montessori Culturally Responsive teaching approach, uses a combination of  Teaching Resources. The Letter People by Abrams & Company Publishers, Inc. The Creative Curriculum for Preschooler by Teaching Strategies, Common Core,  World Books,  and others.
The environment  and hands-on manipulative allow the children to construct their own reality and work individually while at the same time teaching an important concept for the child independent discovery.

We nurture our children's natural curiosity, which helps them develop problem- solving skills, encourage their ability to make decision and fully equip children with a strong academic foundation to succeed in Life, College and Careers. With our children fully prepared for present and the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy. 

With the respect that children spontaneously love to learn, We cover mathematical concepts, science, computer, Spanish, music, visual Arts, home economics,  physical interaction, language arts skills while encouraging collaboration, and problem-solving: 

Math:  Hands on counting activities everyday, involving concepts such as volume, size, shape, and measurements.

Science: Activities that encourage exploring, observing, discovering and problem solving, (Ex: Growing a plant, bug hunts, etc).
Language Arts: Children will be encouraged to participate in social conversations, storytelling, and role-play everyday.

Arts & Crafts: projects emphasizing creativity technique.
Music: Singing and dancing, rhymes, poems and recorded music, musical instrument everyday.

Physcial Activities: Large muscle: crawling, marching, running, jumping, dancing, stretching exercising, and sports participation such as basketball, soccer, catch, etc.

Home Economics: cooking, sewing, cleaning, and family style dinning etc.

Small muscle:  scissor cutting, writing, coloring, puzzles, and a variety of blocks and other activities.

Creative play: (stimulate child’s imagination and language skills) play areas that may include store, post office dress up, and puppets.

Spanish: covers basic beginner's words, colors, numbers family etc.





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